Update! 1/10/2001: Updated “Wrestling” section!

Greetings! It is I, Razerhawk! One-third of the flyest team of the new millennium: Xyberhawx2000!

From Xyberspace, by way of Andromeda, Xyberhawx2000 defends the Galactic Neighborhood from those who would seek to destroy it.
Our unit is comprised of myself, Nytehawk, Danjerhawk, and the X2K mainframe computer.
Our intel has led us to planet Earth, where we believe there is an evil lurking within the pro-wrestling organization, CHIKARA.

When I'm not busy defending the galaxy, though, I like to cook, and watch anime, and play videogames! CawCaw!

Oh, and because I'm so good at wrestling, I won the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup! CawCaw!

Under Construction!